Create an impression!


Rao Design Group's values and skills are clear:

Integrity and professionalism

Customer focus

Conceptual and critical thinking

Collaborative and consultative communication

Concern for consistency, detail, order, process, and quality



Rao Design Group, Inc. has been helping companies create change through communication since 2000. How? We

1.  work with owners and managers to understand the desired change - improved
 customer service, increased sales, enhanced employee/customer knowledge.

2.  design engaging and impactful communication solutions - training, presentations, documentation, performance support tools.

3.  evaluate the effectiveness of the communication to ensure the desired outcome and objectives were achieved.

Our founder’s experience of almost 30 years in information design and delivery is vast. It spans a range of industries, audiences, subject matter, and training methods. Such varied experience allows Rao Design Group to connect the needs of the communicator and communicatee in the most meaningful and effective way.

To learn more, view our electronic brochure and slide show below.