Rao Design Group uses proven methodology to develop all the documentation your company needs. 

​Whether writing policy and procedure manuals or translating complex technical material, Rao Design Group provides the tools to improve your employees' job performance.

​Increase efficiency, consistency, and accuracy; comply with regulations; and reduce cost with comprehensive documentation from Rao Design Group. We write job aids and user manuals from the user's perspective so that the procedures are easy to use and to understand. And, of course, all documentation will support your company's goals.

Create an impression!




Classroom training or online learning? Rao Design Group will assess performance needs and develop a training plan that supports your business goals and vision.

With our wealth of experience, Rao Design Group can better understand your business and communicate easily with your customers and with employees at all levels of your organization.

​And... we know how to make training fun! Rao Design Group will design your customized training program to be interactive so the learner is engaged in the process. Interactivity makes learning more fun and more effective!
Does your existing presentation need a little polishing or do you need a new presentation designed from scratch?

Rao Design Group will develop a professional and functional PowerPoint presentation that generates interest and powerfully communicates your ideas.

​We have developed a variety of engaging presentations to solve a range of communications needs - for an array of industries.

​Rao Design Group can solve your presentation needs too - from meetings to workshops to training and more!

Does your message need something extra to make an impact, tell a story, or provide additional information? Let Rao Design Group create all of the materials you need to... create an impression.

Maybe you just need an updated business card or want to add a brochure or flyer to your sales collateral.

Maybe you want to reach out to your customers with a mailer or monthly newsletter.

​Or... maybe you're just starting out and you're not sure where - or how - to begin. Rao Design Group can craft your message - and materials.